How Lyssa Scaled to $30k/mo in 2 Months

Watch this video to see how Lyssa Scott an Ex Full Time Restaurant Waitress was able to quit her job, and grow her business to $40k+ per month with the help of Creators Training!

The Problem

Lyssa had tried launching her business several times before. Never reaching much success and always having to take on work at a 9-5 to supplement her income. 

“The beauty of earning $40,000 per month is not just the income, it’s the freedom and flexibility it provides to live the life you truly desire.”

The Solution

We worked with Lyssa for 90 days to train her on our Sales Funnel, and Client Acquisition strategies to help her land more clients.

We also helped her re-craft her offer into something irresistible to take back into the marketplace. By the end of our 90 day sprint together, Lyssa was landing 10+ clients per month totaling over $40k+ per month for her business. She was now making more in 1 month than she made in the whole year prior. We’re super happy to see this success for Lyssa and can’t wait to see where she takes it!