From Cleaning Pools to $10k/mo in 30 Days

Watch this interview to see how Cameron a previous Copywriter was able to grow his freelancing business from just $2k per month to $20k+ per month consistently, after applying the skills he learned in Creators Training.

The Problem

Cameron came to us to get help in finding a way to increase his income as a freelancer. He was already landing some small clients, but was struggling to make real big breakthroughs. So we offered to help train him in a few extra skills to help him create a much more irresistible, higher prices offer, and then we would show him how to pitch, sell, and close on this new offer.

“Growing my business from $2,000 to $20,000 per month in under 3 weeks was not just a financial achievement, it was a testament to the power of hard work, determination and the right strategy.”

The Solution

Within the first few weeks of joining, Cameron began testing the new offer we helped him create and it worked.

Instead of earning the usual $1-2k per client, Cameron began landing clients for $15k+ right away, and has continued to do so every single month since he joined us.

Cameron was already a great copywriter, but we believe this is a great example of how it doesn’t matter how good you are unless you know how to package it, pitch it, sell it, and close it. We’re supper happy to see Cam making these big Wins and now travel the world full time thanks to consistent online income!