Breaking Down Emily's $15,000 Client

Watch this video to see how Emily (a full time college student) was able to begin making $15k+ per month with us for the first time ever.

The Problem

Emily had signed up for tons of other programs in the past, but none had given her any real tangible success, so she came to us for help.

Emily wanted to be able to work 100% online, and we were confident we could help her with this so we put a plan in place to make this happen for her.

“Landing my first two clients at $18,000 each was not just a milestone in my business, it was a confirmation that I am capable of creating the life I want and helping others do the same.”

The Solution

We worked with Emilly for 90 days to help her reach her goal. Since emily had zero previous experience working online, and zero online skills, we trainer her on everything. We taught her a high value skill, we taught her how to package this skill into a irresistable offer, we taught her sales, how to find clients, and how to close them.

By the end of this 90 day bootcamp with Emily she was able to land her first $11k online client, and shortly after she landed another client for $18k the following month.

Emily really showed that even with zero experience, if you are committed and take this seriously. You can make huge changes in your life and finances in a relatively short amount of time. We’re super happy for Emily! Keep crushing it!