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Do you generate leads? If so, the easiest way to boost conversion rate into booked demo's is through automated messenger-marketing systems (SMS, Instagram DM, Whatsapp, FB Messenger). We've boosted our conversion by 400% with this strategy. The best part about it is that it's simple, easy, yet highly effective.

Where the strategy get's even better is with the recent release of AI. Using AI we have been able to completely replace manual, tedious messaging efforts with leads, with fully-automated AI appointment setters that will follow-up with leads, engage leads, re-open old conversations, and ultimately (yes) book qualified leads in for a demo.

The crazy thing is, with conversational AI (and good training data), you can create an AI agent that is so good it is indistinguishable from humans. We have over 3,000+ inbound leads per month, and every single one of these leads are now engaged fully by AI. We do not use humans in our appointment setting process anymore (only for the actual demo and closing).

This has enabled us to massively reduce overhead expenses, reduce management headaches, while increasing profitability, predictability in results, and create 10X faster response times with our prospects (which they all seem to love).

If you're curious about how to setup a similar messenger-marketing system for yourself (with or without AI), please schedule a call with me and we can discuss it more! Thanks!


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