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After recruiting and hiring our own commission-based sales team, we discovered a massively painful problem: Performance tracking, and commission tracking for the team. It seemed like the only solution available was spreadsheets, which were to widely accepted norm.

Being a highly efficient company, with experience in Tech we decided to automate the entire sales tracking & commission tracking process for ourselves, and it was a lifesaver while scaling our sales team. Throughout the years we've had many requests from other founders to help them build similar dashboards.

Instead of helping people hire engineers, pay data scientists, and create complex queries - we decided it would be much easier & cheaper for end-users if we just built this out as a plug-and-play solution. That's how SaleGod was born.

As the CEO and CTO of SalesGod, I've recruited the engineering team, setup sprints, created ticket systems, scoped deadlines, sourced tools & microservices to help the engineering team be more efficient, and lead the UI / UX of the application.

We are successfully using the tool internally while we are in Beta, and are excited for the public release next month! Stay tuned for this.

If you're developing your first software project, I get it... it's a black hole right now. The entire process seems mysterious. Well, my goal is to hopefully demistify the process of building a fully custom end-user software application from scratch, provide tips on the services & library's to use which have saved us thousands of hours, and share insights on mistakes we made (and how to avoid them).

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