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How to Make $40k/mo as an Online Freelancer

How to Make $40k/mo as an Online Freelancer

Julian Alexander

2.01k subscrbers

Why I sold everything and moved to Bali

Julian Alexander


How to become "Self Employed" (4 steps)

Julian Alexander


Day in the Life of an Artist Entreprenuer
How to scale to $40k in online business

Julian Alexander


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Start your journey now and let your business take off.

Start your journey now and let your business take off.

Daniel Glinksi


I went from having a 9-5 job coming home every day tired and crashing to feeling like I have more energy and more opportunity. I’ve gained time. I’ve gained part of my life back and it’s incredible.

Tori Peterson


Mark Anderson


I just closed my first client a week ago. My dreams are becoming true now because I have a plan!

Meagan Morton


Abigail Hinds


What I’ve enjoyed the most in starting this course is the absolutely amazing community. I was welcomed with open arms. I have been guided so thoroughly along the way. Every time I get stuck on something, I reach out. Everyone’s there to help and they’re so excited to help.

Simon Brunelle


I finally quit my job where I wasn’t really happy. This course really opened my eyes on my values, which were not really used in my job.

Tal Oren


I’m buzzing!!! Julian & Jenny have literally changed my life.

Cameron Waters


I felt a little bit stuck while traveling. I could go to a different country, but it was really difficult to find work that was either making you money or something you really didn’t feel locked into. Then I found Creators Training and it answered all my questions of how do I travel?.. How do I see the world?… and how do I do something that makes me feel creative, that’s a high value skill and can support me while traveling. This journey is literally such an amazing experience and I’m so glad I chose to quit my job to pursue funnel design full-time/being my own boss.

Ryan Petrilla


I was looking for a way to break out of the 9-5. I checked everything from amazon, to affiliate marketing, crypto, and everything else - but eventually found Julian & his team. I'm super impressed with everything, and how everything is setup has blown past all my expectations.

Wyatt Thacker


I’m a much more skilled designer now than I was a year ago. The biggest return I’ve got from Creators Training has been in terms of my own entrepreneurial spirit being able to run my own business and be my own boss.

Taylor Young


As a kid, I grew up as a DIY creator, basically just watching countless hours of YouTube learning skillsets and a lot of different softwares. But all throughout that time, the thing I struggled with the most was making any real money from these projects that I spent so much time on. So fast forward to now… I’m so amped on Creators Training because it’s taking me full circle with teaching a skill and it presents a clear business model alongside sales training. This all really paves the way to get your first paid client. My first success was actually halfway through the course when I scored a small deal with a local business to build a landing page and a contact form.