How Audra grew her Breathwork program to $30k/mo with us

Watch this video to learn how Audra Bear grew her Breathwork Coaching business after seeking our help with her Client Acquisition systems.

The Problem

Audra came to us when she was trying to grow her Breathwork Coaching business. She was a certified breathwork coach, but unfortunately was struggling to succeed, so she was still working a part time waitress job to support her income while she worked on this.

“Growing my first online business to $30,000 per month was not just a financial milestone, it was the key that unlocked the door to my dream life. It allowed me to quit my job, move to Mexico and live my dream of traveling and working remotely”

The Solution

At the time Audra was doing in-person $25 breathwork classes, so immediately the first thing we did was help her re-craft her offer into something high ticket ($2k+) and move it over to online classes so she could do her work on-the-go.

Within her fist month of lunching with our new offer, systems, and training. She was able to hit $30k+ that month (her biggest month ever) and has since continued to maintain this income, while doing it completely remotely.

Audra has since moved to Tulum, Mexico with the freedom this has given her & continues to operate her Online Breathwork Coaching business there fulltime using the systems we helped her build. Audra was an amazing client to work with and we have nothing but good things to say! Keep rocking it Audra!