I Spent 2 Years Building a Bali Villa & Software Company

Welcome back, everyone! After a two-year hiatus, we are returning to share an exciting journey filled with valuable learning experiences. Our focus has shifted and evolved, but our goal remains the same: to give you an unprecedented insight into what it takes to create and sustain a successful business. From building a thriving sales team and nurturing customer success, to developing innovative software solutions and constructing the ideal home in Bali, we have a wealth of knowledge to share with you.

7 Sept 2023


25 mins

So, buckle up and get ready to learn the ins and outs of creating a small business generating over 100k per month, building a customer success journey that garners five-star reviews, and launching an efficient sales management software to revolutionize the way you track your team's KPIs and commissions. And if that wasn't enough, we'll also dive into the world of software development management and the process of building a custom villa in Bali as a rewarding investment. The journey starts here, and we're thrilled to have you along for the ride.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the strategies behind creating a small business generating 100k per month in revenue.

  • Learn how to build an exceptional customer success journey, garnering five-star reviews.

  • Explore the software development journey and how it led to the creation of SalesGod, a game-changing sales management tool.

Returning to the Online Scene

Hey there! I am back online after a two-year hiatus, and there are so many exciting updates to share with you! First and foremost, let's talk about the incredible growth of our creative training business. We've managed to scale it up to over 100k per month in revenue! 🎉 We built a fantastic sales team and a customer success team that has helped us achieve enviable reviews and results. Our clients love the exclusive customer success journey we provide, and we genuinely take pride in their satisfaction.

Now, let's dive into something new: software development! We ran into a challenge while scaling our sales team - tracking and managing their performance. We didn't want to use clunky Excel sheets, so we created our software called Sales God. It's perfect for business owners who need to track their sales team's KPIs and commissions.

Our software journey started back in December 2022 when we hired our first engineer. Since then, we've grown our tech team to five skilled engineers and a data scientist. We've navigated tons of technical decisions, learned from our mistakes, and found the best tech stack for our needs. If you're passionate about SaaS development and want to learn from our experiences, stick around!

Beyond business growth and software development, I've also embarked on a personal project: building our first villa in Bali. Though it started as an unfamiliar venture, I learned so much about construction, working with contractors and architects. We were committed to learning quickly to minimize risks and mistakes. The house is not only an investment, but also a part of the lifestlyle I envision for myself.

So, my online journey has evolved and expanded with various exciting updates, and I am truly excited to share everything I've learned with you. Stay tuned for more insights into building businesses, systems, and an amazing lifestyle!

Creating a Successful Small Business

You might be wondering how to create a small business that generates over 100k a month in revenue. It's quite a journey, but with the right focus and dedication, it's achievable. Let's dive into some key elements that will assist you in building a thriving small business.

1. Customer Success: Prioritizing customer satisfaction is crucial for a successful business. An excellent way to do this is by creating a customer success journey that ensures everyone you onboard has an amazing experience and leaves you with five-star reviews. It means you should always strive to:

  • Provide valuable products/services;

  • Offer excellent customer support;

  • Collect and publish your customer reviews.

2. Building a Sales Team: A sales team is responsible for generating revenue for your business. To build a successful one, consider:

  • Hiring skilled salespeople;

  • Providing ongoing sales training and support;

  • Setting clear performance expectations and KPIs;

  • Offering a motivating and rewarding commission structure.

3. Sales Tracking and Management: Using technology to track and manage sales team members' performance is essential for growth. Instead of using Excel sheets or outdated methods, consider focusing on finding a software solution that automates sales performance tracking and commission calculation.

4. Expanding into New Areas: Don't be afraid to venture into innovative sectors like software development if it complements your business direction and you're interested in building new products. When entering a new field:

  • Hire experienced professionals;

  • Learn quickly from mistakes and adapt accordingly;

  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and technologies.

5. Investing in Your Lifestyle: Creating a business that funds your desired lifestyle adds immense value to your personal well-being. Consider exploring real estate investments or experience-driven ventures that align with your goals, such as building a vacation home in a desirable location.

Remember, the key to creating a successful small business is prioritizing customer satisfaction, building a strong sales team, utilizing technology, being open to innovation, and investing in your personal goals. With determination and focus, you can achieve the growth and success you envision.

Building a Customer Success Journey

Hey there! Over the past few years, our team has managed to scale our business to over 100k a month in revenue, and we feel one of the keys to this has been focusing on creating an outstanding customer success journey. In this section, let's chat about how we built a customer success journey that left over 50% of our customers absolutely thrilled with us.

Tips for Success

  1. Focus on getting crazy results: Make sure you're over-delivering on your promises so that your clients can't help but rave about you. We have hundreds of case studies and video testimonials to show for it!

  2. Build a team dedicated to customer success: Invest in a team that ensures the onboarding process goes smoothly and support is promptly provided when needed. This team plays a vital role in keeping clients happy and satisfied.

  3. Implement strong community support: Encourage clients to share their wins and participate in community discussions. This fosters a sense of belonging and helps keep everyone motivated.

  4. Incentivize clients to leave positive reviews: Design a process that appreciates clients for leaving positive reviews, creating an incentive that motivates them to share their great experiences with others.

Remember, compare your business to others in your space, and strive to outperform them in terms of customer satisfaction and outcomes. By focusing on creating a truly exceptional customer success journey, you'll be continually attracting new clients and keeping existing ones content and loyal.

Launching SalesGod

Hey, after all this time, we're back! It's been quite a journey scaling Creative Training to over 100k in monthly revenue, building a sales team, customer success team, and improving the product. And guess what? We're taking things up a notch!

While scaling our sales team, we faced a major challenge - tracking and managing the team's performance. Most industry experts suggested using Excel sheets, and we knew there had to be a better way. That's when we developed our own internal solution, which turned out to be a bit more expensive than initially thought but totally worth it.

As a result, SalesGod was born - our very own software for business owners like you who run info products, service-based businesses, or sales teams. SalesGod is designed to help you track your sales team's KPIs and manage their commissions, making it the ultimate tool for your business.

It all started back in December 2022 when we hired our first engineer, Sultan (an amazing guy!). Since then, we've built a strong team of five engineers, including a data scientist, to bring SalesGod to life. The software development process has been an incredible ride and a perfect fit for those who love building products.

If you're into Software as a Service (SaaS) and want a more robust solution than those no-code apps, stay tuned to our journey! We'll be sharing loads of valuable insights about mistakes we made, management challenges, and tech stack information that will fast track your SaaS project.

By the way, we're also sharing our experiences building a dream villa in Bali. Although it's not directly business-related, it's another example of how we dive head-first into unknown territory and figure things out as we go.

So, get ready for SalesGod, SaaS insights, and more adventurous stories. Let's keep building, creating, and living the life we've always wanted!

The Software Development Journey

Over the past few years, you've been on an incredible adventure, growing your business to over 100k a month in revenue. This journey has involved building a sales team, customer success team, and developing a product that truly focuses on providing clients with exceptional results.

As you've grown your business, you might have noticed the exciting world of software development opening up to you. This may have started with the need to better track and manage your growing sales team. You might have felt frustrated with the typical solutions like Excel spreadsheets and decided to take matters into your own hands by creating your own software solution.

While building your custom software solution, you've likely encountered some challenges and learned valuable lessons about hiring engineers, managing a development team, and navigating the complex world of technology.

Here are a few important aspects you've experienced during your software development journey so far:

  • Developing your own custom software: You've created a software called Sales God, which helps business owners track their sales teams' performance and manage commission payouts.

  • Hiring software engineers: Hiring your first engineer was a big leap, and now you've grown to a talented team of five engineers (including a data scientist).

  • Exploring the technology stack: With dozens of UI component libraries and microservices tried and tested, you've refined your tech stack to a more efficient and effective set of tools.

As you continue on this software development journey, you're excited to share your experiences with others, especially entrepreneurs interested in building their own software as a service (SaaS) company.

Additionally, diversifying your horizons has led you to explore other ventures, like building a property in Bali. Although it may be a different kind of project, the underlying principles of building businesses, systems, and a lifestyle are all connected.

Embrace the lessons you've learned so far and look forward to discovering even more valuable insights in your software development journey.

Building in Bali

So, you've decided to embark on an adventure and build a villa in Bali. Great choice! It's not only an exciting personal endeavor but also a smart investment. Here's a quick rundown of the essential things you need to know as you take on this project.

Find the right land

First things first, look for the perfect plot of land to build your dream home. Be mindful of factors like location, accessibility, and local regulations.

Design your villa

Get creative and visualize your ideal villa. Collaborate with a trusted architect to help you with the design process. Make sure it aligns with your lifestyle aspirations, and don't be afraid to think outside the box.

Collaborate with contractors

Start connecting with contractors early on. It's essential to choose professionals with a solid reputation and who understand your vision. Keep in mind that you'll learn as you go - mistakes are inevitable, but try to learn quickly to mitigate risks.

Learn from the process

Building a villa could be your first foray into a whole new realm. Embrace your initial ignorance and be open to learning from each phase of the project. This experience will be valuable not only for this project but for any future endeavors.

Think about your lifestyle

Always remember that building a home in Bali isn't just about the construction itself. It's about creating the lifestyle you want to lead. Your villa is a representation of your vision and commitment to living life on your terms.

Remember to enjoy the process and embrace the journey. Follow these steps, stay patient and persistent, and watch as your dream villa in Bali becomes a reality. Good luck!

Wrapping Things Up

So, you've made it this far! Your journey over the past years has been nothing short of incredible. Remember when you took that break, and then returned with a newfound vigor to share your experiences on your YouTube channel? You had some great things you wanted to share with your audience. Let's do a quick recap of those amazing accomplishments.

Scaling Your Business

You managed to grow your creative training to over 100k a month in revenue. Building out your sales team, customer success team, and refining your product were all part of that success. The top-notch results and customer satisfaction you've achieved throughout that growth is truly a testament to your hard work.

Diving into Software Development

Frustrated with the outdated methods for tracking and managing your sales team, you ventured into building your own software solution: Sales God. With your team of engineers and your passion for building, you've been able to create a valuable software that any sales team can benefit from.

The Beauty of Building

You're not just about business, either! You ventured out to Bali and began building a beautiful villa. Despite not having any prior experience, you demonstrated that you're not afraid of jumping in to learn something new, which is truly inspiring.

The experiences you've had, and the knowledge you've gained, have been shared with your audience to help them in their own journeys. Emphasizing that it's about building businesses, systems, and creating a lifestyle that works for you. Keep up the amazing work, and continue to share your wisdom with others!